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Basic and finished lubricant oils, greases and additives. Himno Nacional Fracc. Fresh or dried datil.

Fresh fish and sea urchin. Blouses, dresses, clothings, shirts, table clothes, cushions, weding dresses and sweet XV, pants, shawls and scarves footboards and table line. Frames, eyeglasses of contact, plastics, glasses, machinery and equipment of the opctic industry.

Diagonal las Fuentes No. Equipment for hospital and laboratories. Palo redondo, wooden buttons and anesa, spacers, stick drawing, decorative accesories and trim wood pine.

Traditional handicrafts, spices and plastics. Canned pxrarrayos, canned snails, fozen lobsters and cooked lobster and abalone. Electrical and electric equipment, cables.


ANIERM | Asociación Nacional de Importadores y Exportadores de la República Mexicana

Santiago CP Puebla, Pue. Fineclothes for women and juniors. Roberto de la Madrid B Col.

Insulated panel wall and ceiling iron wire mesh and galvanized chain link. Calzada de la Viga 33, La Esperanza, Deleg. Huevo deshidratado entero, clara de huevo deshidratada y albumina de huevo deshidratada. Calle 7, 2 Facc. Sirver jewelry, jewelry prehispanic 14 kt. Girasoles CP Hermosillo, Son. Pineapple juice, frozen orange juice concentrate, white grapefruit frozen juice, tangerine juice, persian lemon juice and pink grapefruit frozen juice.

Finished products made ofrubber and agriculture products. Cotton yarn, wool or acrylic, yarns and threads of polyester and nylon. Pork steaks and prime rib of beef. Industrial robots and robotic cells. Blouses, dresses, and children’s wear. Ingredients for animal industry, durum wheat, sorghum, tomato paste, canned tuna, chickpeas, beans, corn and banana. Aeropuerto Predio Col. Stainless steel furniture for parrrayos.

Hats, hats and hammocks. Seameless steel tube coating, rods, line pipe and tubing.


Proctector of fabrics and leather, kitchen towels, cotton gloves and apron. Baz F Col. Materia prima Coockies, alimentary, pasta and chocoalates. Bath accesories, decorative items caatlogo marble, electrical talbe clocks, items quarry for construction and decoration. Nylon socks and socks acrilan. Avenida Ignacio Allende Lote. Ignacio Zaragoza Nte. Iztapalapa CP Mexico, D.


Hotmelt adhesive and industrial. Sheet rubber, textiles qmesa laminates rubber thermal. Dulces, juguetes, vinos, productos naturistas. Bracalets, rings and necklaces. Francisco Gonzalez Bocanegra N. Fireplace games, lamps decorated with deer antlers natural, lamps and chandeliers.

Flexible hose for plumbing, metal parts for plumbing, plastic plumbing fixtures, plumbing fixtures and plastic hose plumbing.


Leather goods, folders catwlogo sutcases. Iron or steel articles. Chairs, table, furniture and accesories. San Luis Tlatilco 42 Fracc. Dies, mufflers, automotive parts manufacturing and aluminum tube. Denim shirt, straw hat and wool hat. Centro CP Oaxaca, Oax.