The complete Dahlquist speaker system consist of the famous DQ main speakers; the DQ-1W subwoofer, the DQ-LP1 electronic crossover. The Dalhquist DQ loudspeaker has not as yet been formally submitted for review. (The designer tells us he is still working on the low end.). The Dahlquist DQ loudspeaker (no longer manufactured and only available used on ebay and other such locations) all but revolutionized the high-fidelity.

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Where the River Goes. The woofers are fine but they need new tweeters.

Kingko Audio and Omega. The Dahlquist DQ loudspeaker no longer manufactured and only available used on ebay and other such locations all but revolutionized the high-fidelity industry, when it was first introduced at a Hi-Fi Show in New York in ….

May your days be filled with long hours of blissful music. I had the opportunity to borrow my friends 10’s for a little over a week, mind you back in the 80’s I was quite impressed with the clarity, and detail. Those dq’s are amazingly clean. This is directly opposed to the standard practice of mounting the drivers on one relatively large baffle.


Monitor Audio Silver loudspeaker. That’s a good deal for an already recapped and serviced pair of 10’s the regnar caps alone will set you back a couple hundred. They’re like a magic trick with those five drivers dahlquistt odd shaped baffles, but it all works! Earlier 1 had white stickers on the hardboard near the tweeter. MATT and Wolverine like this. All connections are original in the back and in great condition.

Makes for a dahlquisst broad soundstage indeed. These were early serial number speakers. This page was last updated: The speakers, sub-woofer system and crossover now sound very much like new with all original drivers. Even as it stands now, though, the Dahlquist DQ is near the very top in its price class, and is stiff competition for the no-holds-barred and cost-no-object Class A “Recommended” speaker systems.

Share This Page Tweet. Someone did a great job on both the recap and the detail cleaning. My wife, who’s no audiophile but has a very discerning ear, remarked “It’s like the band is playing right in front of you”, and I have to agree. Recording of December Museatex Hybrid 6 loudspeaker. Paradigm Persona 5F loudspeaker. There are a couple of small dings in the wood.

Dahlquist DQ-10 Score – Very Impressed

A nice copy of Kenny Burrell’s Midnight Blue will blow you away. Tidal Audio Akira loudspeaker. They image quite well, and with the horizontal spread there are times when you can hear things come from different speakers on each side. Life, Love, Songs, and Pianos. I even have the dxhlquist One crossover removed from a Dahlquist DQ three way speaker.

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Vintage HiFi Club Dahlquist DQ 10 – Loudspeaker – Vintage HiFi Club

Yes, my password is: They got an identical cap treatment dahlquixt I mirrored both pair. Yes, it is a disease. These were manufactured on Long Isla Excellent condition for their age. I’m negotiating a room with more floorspace with my wife.

Wish I had dahlqujst logos on the front of mine. Dahlquist DQ30 Speakers audiophile in great sounding conditions!!!! They are in excellent shape and sound amazing.

Dahlquist: Consumer Electronics | eBay

Glad you have enough bass also. In order to minimize undesirable effects from diffraction, each driver has been separately mounted on the smallest possible baffle, whose dimensions were determined by dahlquit frequency range of the passband. The custom stand are about 3 years old and still look new. Very Hard to Find. Alta Audio Hestia Titanium loudspeaker.