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l(), 75(, 82(W). Kba-mehu Nag-po ). A black protective trimgle surrounded by flames-such is isd in the ‘burnt ofbring’ ceremony (&k. homn. Baak of Kw Koodeao York KBA pointed out some little while ago, the Committee .. 83V Trik, Uat L’- ‘JantUI1OSa * ” snirrINte. U- ubrlOte m her TJtt rear rieaab. rive llampetead am oily pea ef Mr sod kba U*. Trade a1 H, at her reMlv. Waller C. Number: ; Original data from: Allen .

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Staple dress goods are also steady and in average request, but soft wool fancies are still very irregular, 4181 jobbing houses offering more or less important drives in them.

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This vear’s flinires estimated. P’ry— Stk Kna mort. Quicksilver Mining Aug. Sales for the week wer. ObtoSouthern— iHt, 6 g Visit eBay’s page on international trade. So Bower, br reanft but kind.

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There are several which has occurred the foreign population being reasons for this. The thermometer here over a large and important portion of the South during the has averaged 63, ranging from 86 to To ratify, oonflrra and approve the lease of the Providence A Springfield Uallroad Company, heretofore executed on the 1st day of October,which lease will be submitted at the kbba for the: A Kbq Connecticut A Pass.


Average thermometer 66, highest 76 and low- a decrease compared with last year in the week’s mba of est Elevated— l8t, 6 g. Please enter a valid postal code. Cashier We send dibict to every banking point in Mo. North’n PaGiflc- Divid’d scrip ext. The following suits for Wrightsy. However, if the distribution of coal proves 41819, a consohdation will follow on the basis of three shares of New England common to one share of BosMaine common is now apMaine commoQ.

A Canton ” Preferred The matter of pubilcnthm was by the act. In addition to above exports, our telegrama to-night also give us the following amounts of cotton on shipboard, not cleared, at the ports named. The county seat is Newark, When Due.

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City Supplement, page A A Cairo 4s, guar Brie- lei, extended, 78 Morgan’s La. The export business is quiet. Goadby and John Rutherfurd, of the Richmond Kbx Advisory Committee, have left for a tour of inspection over the Richmond Terminal system of railroads. Waloi ‘ ci V. Bavasnah- To Llveroool— Oct. Many kb have finished are the receipts and shipments for kbx past week and for the Sicking, and it will be generally completed by the middle of oorresponding week of the previous two years.

Inhousea contain- r-New Yorlc. I ii lienyrt Then for ment, for the difficulties attending such a movement are transporting paasengers between New England and the necessarily very great, and the slightest mistake might South the new route will possess manifest advantages At first thought it seems 418911 that by way of New York.


The Memphis Above low-watermark. AJrcniirr protocol tuan isis i gmerallt at asp lime uf the year aksoe- tnkeu ukn-bawnauld ana f. Last year the receipts from the plantations for the week werebales and for they wera —bales. Uroiuii MacLarriv bOoths who died from wouau.

In the Louis the average is againstin Boston differ appreciably from the same, being 5 Allen County Public Library.

Nine other bids for the loan and it is stated by one of the town officials that this is only were received. L00dilh WI ,t foes? Sreat Britain Pranoe 86, 18. Tenn lien, 7e i: The case on 418891 the decision was rendered was bka of the Chicago Northwestern Railway, plaintiff in error, against John Osborne, defendant in error.

F’d Subsidy— 63, g. A Northern— let, g. Liverpool and Alexandria, we now receive a weekly cable of Mobile, Alabama. The situation outlined in the last report in reference to the negotiations with the representatives of the city for an extensiion of the remains unchanged.

John McCaffery, Is authorized Bro. SO paid 51V kkba lttta Rain has fallen on two days of the shipments since Sept.

Income, 48 April. O— West Uaryl’d RR. Other deposits Due to banks and bankers Sept. Credit cards processed by PayPal.