Following is New York City Energy Conservation Code (NYCECC) information . ) and the applicant of record does not use the TR8 Form, the progress. NYCECC. July LIGHTING AND POWER. CHAPTER 5. COMMERCIAL ENERGY EFFICIENCY. New York City Energy Conservation Code NYCECC , incl. LL48/ ( ECCCNYS base). ASHRAE STD or , or

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Not Covered in Code What types of commercially available equipment are not covered in the Code? Variable Speed Drive pumps or multi staged pumps Multiple Boiler controls: Not Required Exception allowed as parts replacement June.

Supply, and return or exhaust fans If Outdoor Air OA is mechanically provided, the ventilation 2011 must be capable of reducing the OA volume to minimum Code required levels Ventilation Rate: I am working an envelope alteration for a commercial building that would increase the area of vision glass on each floor. A 20, ft 2 office building is served by RTUs: The approved agency who is performing the 2101 on the building shall certify that the commissioning test procedures and results were completed.

Coils, terminal units, including: Renewable energy systems i. Designers would have to request exceptions on a caseby case basis.

All vertical mullions will remain untouched but horizontal mullions will be replaced to fit the new area of vision glass. The progress inspector must sign and seal the TR8, certifying that inspected work complies with the approved drawings EN2: Coefficient of Performance DB: What are key inspection items for a simple HVAC unitary equipment?

Heat Pump Terminology Basic Physics. Ideally, the list of unique joints and seams are placed in a schedule, identifying the location of each detail, and also including information such as the typical joint and seam conditions, testing method options for each joint or seam, sampling rates of testing, quality control process in the test, and guidelines for test reports and final certificates.


nycecx Are Exit Signs are no longer a required item on the TR8? Simple Low maintenance Inexpensive No freeze issues Cons: Air cooled Water Source: Capability to control and reduce primary air supply to each zone Primary air volume shall be reduced to the greater of the following before reheating, recooling, or mixing: The U-factor of the uninsulated balcony needs to also be calculated with the thickness of the uninsulated balcony being that of the adjacent wall assembly thickness.

Each sub-topic begins with a brief overview of the issues nycfcc be reviewed, and many end with a set of summary questions or exercises. Required All components associated with scope of work must comply.

We look forward to working with you. Is latex over gypsum board an acceptable air barrier, providing all joints and gaps are sealed as required in Section ECC The definition of building entrance is any doorway, set of doors, revolving door, vestibule, or other form of portal that is ordinarily used to gain access to the building or exit from the building by its users and occupants.

NYC Energy Conservation Code FAQ

Low grade heat includes low pressure steam and medium temperature hot water. It will be lit by detached lights mounted on the building and powered through the building service. Boxes for inspections not relating to the scope of work should be checked No. Air conditioning system consumes most of the energy that a building needs in its operation.

2016 Energy Conservation Code

In tenant fit-out spaces, all equipment that is in the scope of work, must comply with the requirements of the NYCECC. The menu icon at the bottom right corner of each slide will always bring the you back to the main menu slide. Evaporator The low temperature liquid refrigerant passes through an evaporator coil absorbing heat from air DX or water Chillerevaporating into a low pressure, low temperature vapor July.


Use this feature to navigate throughout Energy Analysis the nnycecc. Two spiral scrolls 1 stationary, 1 orbiting Refrigerant gas compressed as volume between nycec decreases Typical capacity tons up to tons Reciprocating Chiller Chiller Efficiency Requirements: Arrange a meeting with both Landmarks nycexc the Department’s Energy Code officials to arrive at a solution, possibly finding other ways to mitigate the calculated energy loss in the building.

Buildings – Energy Conservation Code

Certification of Conformance with As-Built Energy Analysis The progress inspector s must certify on this form that the as-built values for energy in the building match the values in the last-approved energy analysis. Most prevalent electrically driven Chiller type over tons.

With regard to the lighting, if the lighting 2011 limited to signage meeting one of the exceptions in Section ECC The Links icon takes you to related DOB web pages or other resources. When ready for re-inspection, email ESWO2 buildings. Climate Zones, Design Conditions, Materials, Equipment, and Systems I am replacing a storefront in the ground floor of a story building.

A poor choice may be costly to purchase and operate and yet fail to provide the desired cooling. Is this project exempt from the energy code? Supply Air Temperature Reset: Lower HW higher CHW supply water temperatures reduce conduction losses through distribution pipes and can increase boiler chiller equipment plant operating efficiency, but can result in increased pump flow.