Public reporting burden for this collection of information is estimated to average 15 minutes per response, including the time for reviewing instructions, searching . The AFRS Form serves as verification of completion of the degree. To initiate the request, students must submit their Graduation Application and the. Request AF (Verification of Scheduled Graduation) from school *** Review all attachments in the TFOT guide and regularly check for updates on AFRS.

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Additionally, a morals or other waiver may be required, depending on the reason for the Article Currently, between 60 and 65 per class.

Some selectees will be required to attend technical training and will be told during the tech training where their next assignment will 1431. Refer to paragraph 16 for AF accession specialties and titles. Section V — Continuation Sheet if necessary Font size should be 12 to make it easier for board members acrs read. If the FED is approved then the following statement, as a minimum, needs to be placed in the interview remarks block: This guide includes key terms and acronyms, guidance for preparing the BOT application, BOT checklists, waiver requests, selection board information, answers to frequently asked questions, and other related policies and procedures.

You will note the paragraphs primarily address AFRS squadron procedures; however, the following is guidance on how the process works for Active Duty AF applicants: Poorly written OTS profiles and reference letters, along with unanswered questions, cause a board member to be concerned, which often lowers a board score.


Commissioning Helper

Non-accredited colleges or universities not listed in approved sources must be evaluated and accepted for admission into a graduate program. Applications need to be organized afr instructed in Section 11, Application Layout Checklist.

Item 28, D – J – Interviewer rates accordingly. List the name of the institution, type of program i. Ars these items validates that the commander has reviewed the information contained in the application and still recommends the applicant for BOT. Refer to AFIpara 2. AFOQT scores are valid for a lifetime.

Thank you for your assistance. Disenrollment Waivers —Waiver must provide valid reasoning for disenrollment. What should be done if an applicant is disqualified medically for a commission? You must list utilization field titles not codes. See Table 1 for more detailed instructions. The applicant must surrender monetary costs associated with the services provided by the credentialing agency.

Request for Commissioning Physical 1. Interviewing officers often “cut and paste” bullets from previous applications and overlook the change in the name or pronoun. If required, ensure remarks are placed on Continuation Sheet.

Code should remain valid for 12 months. Subprogram Specifics 6 6. Rated is comprised of the Pilot, Zfrs and Air Battle Management subprograms and the Non-rated category is comprised of Technical and Non-technical subprograms.

Letters of Pending Graduation

Aregardless of their age. A waiver is required on applicants that have previously disenrolled from a commissioning program see Section 7. Fax the request to DSN: Notification of Board Results: Summary of Eligibility Criteria: Ensure applicant provides an explanation afrx the AF IMT 56 Continuation Sheet, stating applicant was not on contract and why the applicant chose not to continue in the commissioning program be specific.


Refer to the PCSM website for more details https: AF Form 19 Highlight the degree, major study, and date degree conferred. When will a selectee go to BOT? The following degrees qualify to meet a Technical panel: Rated applicants complete block 7B, while non-rated applicants complete block 7C. The applicant afrss sign. Item 28, A – Ensure all waivers are listed. Enlisted manning, Cost of unfulfilled initial enlisted bonus and service reenlistment bonus commitments, etc.

Applications will only compete on one board. Board members do not consider these factors.

Commissioning Helper

Ensure the member uses an authorized evaluation agency listed on website www. Atrs applicants will be considered for both their 1st and 2nd rated program choice, if two choices are indicated on AF56, Page 1. The POC is the nearest base education office counselor. Applicants applying for non-rated programs will be considered without a waiver if they are less than 33 years of age by the board-convening date.

Do enlisted applicants selected for BOT attend a 6-week program instead of the full week course? TOS waivers must state justification for request. Receipt of an Article 15 requires a waiver.

If an officer in the grade of Captain or below performs the interview, you should obtain the squadron commander’s endorsement, if possible. All letter grades given 1143 test results must also be include in the GPA calculation.