McCaffrey’s world of the Talented is as vivid as that of Pern and its dragons.”— Publishers Weekly When a freak accident furnishes solid. To Ride Pegasus, is the first novel in the Pegasus Trilogy and in The Talents Universe, the main protagonist is Henry Darrow a precog Author, Anne McCaffrey. To ride Pegasus by Anne McCaffrey, , Ballantine Books edition.

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Jerry [from To Ride Pegasus]. Jun 29, Erin Penn rated it it was amazing. I read nearly all the Pern books, I might hopefully have missed this one.

To ride Pegasus

I was enthralled with the idea that people had extrasensory abilities and I remain pegaasus to this day. These books would have been much better had they not been so abridged I love this story line and have already gotten the 3rd book in the series unabridged And mcaffrey is very enjoyable but I show it is no longer available for purchase through you either.

Daffyd pauses for a brief moment staring at the elevator control panel, deep in thought Daffyd questions his moral and ethics as well as wonders about the future for Talents. Audio wise is very acceptable. F- 2 of 2 people found this review helpful. It might be the story.

Henry agrees telling Gus, that he already has foreseen the permanent residence for the center, which eventually leads him to approach wealthy businessman George Hennerwho is also a Talent as well. Whatever the moment was, you probably just brushed it off as intuition.


Ok, it has been long enough that this was not too painful, but the simple fact that the books are out jccaffrey order is insane. They literally don’t know what’s hitting them, or that they’re being hit. Darrow recognizes the crucial breakthrough:. Since I loved McCaffrey’s Pern series greatly, this book was quite a let down.

His wife placed the pipe in his blue ski jacket he hardly wears, the one hanging up in the closet next to his red robe. Ajne remember enjoying The Rowan et al.

To Ride Pegasus by Anne McCaffrey – Penguin Books New Zealand

It is an easy read and I just keep reading and reading. The Men in Charge do what they consider nane be best for these women, and the women never find out what they’ve done. Introduction To Ride Pegasus is a collection of four short stories that take place during the installment of the North and East American Parapsychic Centers.

See the other authors section. The world seems kccaffrey bureaucratic nightmare to live in even while is posits itself as a well run society. Henry informs George that he is a talent and has the ability to predict business mergers, rie and when the stock market should rise and fall. There are two more that come before those and as soon as I find them in my room I’ll mccaffgey re-reading them Henry calls his long time friend and landlord, Frank Hummel out on it.

And as i am sure it has been pointed out already it starts with the second book in the series. Pegadus the s McCaffrey made To Ride Pegasus the first book in a series that is otherwise set after greater psionic talents have been discovered or developed and their employment has become vital. The narration is OK, but the telepathy part is badly done.


Sally Iselin ap Owen. At first I was excited to have a digital version of both of these books, but then I realized that they were not in the right order, that they were abridged and that the reader is terrible.

The short stories in this volume should not be annf with the stories of the same name and plot as the following: It’s been a long time since I’ve read any Anne McCaffrey books, and after this, it will probably a long time before I pick up another one.

Gears of War Omnibus, Vol. All her life, Menolly has rire to learn the ancient secrets of the Harpers, the master musicians of Harper Hall.

The cover makes it look like some cheesy fantasy novel while the back makes it sound like a mail-order-bride romance or something. Darrow recognizes his successor as Director. The unfortunate part comes into play due to the fact that they didn’t make any audible notification of the jumps.