Adizes’ Corporate Lifecycle describes the typical life-cycle stages that many organisations pass through from conception to closure. Things change as you grow and every company goes through same common stages. Adizes Corporate Lifecycle illustrates how companies. Corporate Lifecycles: How and Why Corporations Grow and Die and What to Do About It [Ichak Adizes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The Founder’s Trap occurs when a Go-go company is unable to relieve itself from its dependency on the Founder. The only place on the lifecycle curve where there are no problems is the place where there is no change, which is Death.

As someone who builds brands for a living I found the book very insightful. This is also true for companies. Premature Aging Unfulfilled Entrepreneur. And, “don’t” make any decisions I wouldn’t make. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. If perpetuated, this inability litecycles effectively delegate will plunge the Go-Go into a premature aging syndrome known as the Founder’s Trap.

For the most part, its goals are financially-oriented and low-risk. How well management leads a healthy transition from one stage to the next, has an impact on the success or failure of the organization. More and more, people are codporate to precedence and relying on what has worked in the past.

Each day brings unique situations which require creativity and the ability to make decisions quickly. What happens when they return?


What if I fail? Ineffective management from key leaders. Recrimination When management can no longer hide that profits are going down, they start a witch hunt. They tell everyone about their idea, enthusiasm runs high, and everything is rosy.

Everyone just watched them fail. Adizes is the Founder and President of the Adizes Institute. Prime is actually not a single point on the lifecycle curve. As the founder lets go and hires chief operating officers, the company needs a new organizational crporate. From Entrepreneurship to Professional Management. Instead, they make-do by enhancing or patching what is already in place. The development of this infrastructure usually occurs lifecyces response to emerging opportunities or unexpected problems, rather than according to a long-term plan.

Sales Drive the Ship.

Sales continue to rise, but the revenues generated by new products that did not exist say, three years ago, are declining. The company makes more money than ever before but it has no new initiatives where it will invest that money. As defined by Dr. Organizational structures, roles, responsibilities, budgets vorporate rewards all require attention to detail, discipline and self-restraint.

This is called a divorce. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

The Adizes Corporate Lifecycle: Go-Go

One person found this lirecycles. Work gets sloppy and quality suffers. The company is trapped by the capabilities livecycles limitations of the bottleneck that is its Founder. Corporate lifecycles are not perfectly predictable, although they do have certain characteristics that are shared from company to company and undergo predictable and repetitive patterns of behavior as they develop.


Today’s Top Picks for Our Readers: That position is Prime, where organizational vitality is at its maximum. Monopolies and governmet agencies that are quarantined from competitive pressure and provide a large employment base, often live long and very expensive artificially prolonged lives.

Adizes Ten Stages – Corporate Life Cycle Model

If the Founder is pushed out by the professional managers, the resulting lack of entrepreneurial spirit can lead the company into premature aging. On the other hand, a premature focus on profitability can inhibit the long-term potential of the company. Conflict is common among the team, especially between those who have been there from the beginning and those who are newly hired to make decisions.

Accounting typically has its hands full just trying to properly account for revenue, expenses and cash flow. Dr Ichak Adizes 1. The leaders of The Fall companies are starting to feel content and somewhat complacent. Again like people, these lifecycles are not perfectly predictable, although they do have certain characteristics that are shared from company to company.

He offers tested strategies which can be used to change the organizational climate and remove obstacles that prevent growth.