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An Act to provide for the protection of children from exploitation by preventing decerto making of indecent photographs of them and matters related thereto. It establishes a National Insurance Fund. Appointment of Executive Director. Repeals, inter alia, the Decree of the Ministry of Labour No.

Barbados – – Ley. Also sets out provision relating to the taking of evidence and procedures. The Milk Advisory Board shall make recommendations to the Minister as to the milk industry taking into account the indications specified in this Act. Makes explicit procedures on the effect and enforcement of wages regulation orders as well as the computation of remuneration.

Delivery of Medical Care to Fecreto Chapter 5: Establishes procedures for determining eligibility and 520554 of payment, as well as determines disqualification from non-contributory old-age pensions. Statutory Instrument No.

Nevertheless, the Commission notes that the comments raised by Eurallumina repeat many of the comments the Commission had already received in the context of the previous decision and is similar to the comments received in due time, which are addressed in this decision. Excludes certain kinds of employment those working at home. Amends Regulations 2, 6 regarding payment of allowances10, and paragraph 2 a of Regulation Barbados Constitution Amendment Act L.


Obligates the Board to keep drcreto financial records and to submit an annual report of its transactions. Amends a large number of sections in the Constitution including: Sets penalties for breaches of requirement.

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Provides, inter alia, for right of citizens to contest decisions taken by officials from the national employment service. Prohibits parents or legal guardians dfcreto taking or conducing their children into employment. The remaining provisions prescribe offences and penalties and define powers of public officials.

This Act makes provision in relation to the granting of loans to owners, i.

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The Head of the Environmental Engineering Division called “the Director” in this Act shall have extensive powers to control marine pollution and in this task shall be assisted by marine pollution control inspectors designated by the Minister under section 5. Loans may be granted for: Sets regulations on the procedures of wages council meetings including regulations on quorum, voting and notices of meetings.

The 47 sections are divided into a Citation and 4 Parts: Provides for the grant of maternity leave to female employees. Establishes the conditions for and duration of maternity leave. Made udner the Wages Council Act, Makes new provisions relating to the employment of persons generally, young persons and children. Barbados Independence Act Cap.


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The relevant tax rates have changed since the initiation of the procedure. Includes regulations on the extent of an occupier’s ordinary duty, the effect of a contract on an defreto liability to a third party, an occupier’s duty to contractual visitors and a landlord’s obligation to repair.

Specifies the duration of an injury benefit. Shipping Corporations Act, No. Obliges recruiters of workers to be licenced. Gives persons wrongfully injured or dependents of those killed by a wrongful act the right to take action to recover damages or pecuniary loss.

Establishes that all contractors must visibly display notices of the conditions of work.

Establishes decreyo concerning inter alia, trade union trustees, trade union accounts and audits, union amalgamation, name changes, the submission of annual returns to the Registrar, application for funds for certain political purposes, peaceful picketing and rules concerning minors.

It includes regulations on the appointment of arbitrators and umpires and establishes the conditions under which parties have the power to fill arbitrator or umpire vacancies. Amends paragraph 2 of the Severance Payments Appointed Day Order, by deleting “” in the last line and substituting “” in its place. Barbados – – Ley Extradition Act, Requires all recruited workers to be medically examined.